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  • May 14, 2018
  • Importance of Selling the Houses Directly to a Cash Buyer.

    It is important to note that selling the house has never been a simple objective to achieve. The seller is faced with two issues, the first one being selling the house quickly and the second avoiding losses. Buyers on the hand take advantage of the seller need for cash and try to obtain the at a lower price than its market valuation. When they go to third parties such as brokers, they are also exploited and end up with so many loses.

    The first significant importance of obtaining a cash buyer is that it helps an individual to save on time needed to complete the sale. Using a real estate agent to obtain a buyer for the house takes a longer time compared to selling directly to a cash buyer. Using the services of a real estate agent can take up to six months before you finally get cash for the property. This is because real estate agents sell houses to buyers who are using mortgage loan for the purchase. Mortgage loans normally take six months to be fully processed, and in some cases they are not approved by the bank. In any case the loan is not approved after six months, the agent needs to start the process all over again and get a new buyer. On the hand, cash buyers take a maximum of two weeks to make their purchase and finalize the deal. It is important to note that in cash sales no time is needed for the money to mature to the bank hence saving the seller a lot of time.

    The next advantage of selling to buyer without the services of a real estate agent is that you save a lot of money. An individual does not need to pay any commissions as long as they obtain cash buyer. Real estate agents need a commission after they have managed to sell your house after a certain duration of time After paying the commission, real estate agent requires certain amount of fees for their services. Getting a cash buyer therefore will help you save more dollars that you could have used paying a real estate agent. It is therefore beneficial if you sell your house directly to a cash buyer because you get to enjoy all the profits and relocate to a new surrounding knowing that you have obtained a good deal for the property.

    It is important to note that an individual can easily sell their property to a buyer without incurring repair cost when they are selling directly to a buyer.

    In conclusion, selling the house directly to a cash buyer has many advantages as highlighted in this article.

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