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  • December 24, 2018
  • Reasons to End Daylight Savings

    There are policies that government institutions come up with for different purposes but if not properly regulated, they become a major problem. By visiting different areas in the world, you’ll notice that people are coping with a lot of challenges yet some of the things that they are going through could easily be corrected through the right policies. During the war, one of the policies that was created was related to daylight savings and it worked and it was effective at that time. There is a lot of disruption that is happening because of daylight however because, its effectiveness is not being felt. The abolishment of the daylight savings has been a number of states although, there are quite a number that are still applying the same. If daylight savings is applied in your area, you probably might realize that there is the removal and addition of one hour of time during different times during the year. Many people have experienced a lot of problems that are related to time adjustments because of the daylight savings and that’s why, is not a good policy. Reading this article gives you a new perspective regarding daylight savings and why it has to end.

    Quite a number of petitions have been filed in Congress regarding the stopping daylight savings and this is because, they have been because that efforts towards these. These petitions have caused a lot of debate regarding the ending of daylight savings. While there are a number of people that are for the idea of daylight savings, there are many others that think that is a problem to the environment and it causes a lot of negative effects. Some of the reasons to end daylight savings are going to be explained in detail when you read this article. One of the main reasons is that it’s going to affect and it affects the environment in a very big way. Because of the fact that people may be working more because of the extra hour, they now have to use much more food and other types of resources and this is going to be bad for the environment. There are a lot of harmful gases that are also -related into the atmosphere because of the fact that people are continuing to work and they still use vehicles which use gas.

    Your sleeping patterns are definitely going to be affected in a very big way when you are not able to do is in the right way because of the removal of the hour. Many people will not like the idea disrupted by having less sleep because this means that it is going to have effects during the day.

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